DIY Aromatic Simmer Pots

Hey Lovelies! 

Have you ever walked into a home where cookies were being made and you instantly died of happiness?  Just me? Okay judgy…

Food smells permeating through your home can lift your spirits and make the atmosphere so warm and inviting.  During this holiday season spice up your home with the things that are already in your pantry. Instead of running to the nearest candle shop filled with sickeningly sweet and artificial waxes, try grabbing a few of your favorite spices and making some magic.   Simmer pots are a great way to add a sense of inviting warmth to your home. This is also a great option for my zero waste lovelies since you can transform the remains into tea or skincare. 


Ready to get started? Let’s go! Just fill a small saucepan with water and allow the water to boil. After your water is boiling, add the aromatics.  Once the aromatics have been boiling for a few minutes, bring the fire down to a simmer. Enjoy the custom, all natural fragrance you’ve created! 


The possibilities are endless!  Below I’ve listed my favorite scent combos. Add as much or as little of each ingredient as you like. In the comments let us know your scent-sational creations. Find what fragrance profile tickles your fancy. Happy sniffing!

The Mistletoe


Star Anise 

Chai tea bags


Orange Peel

Holiday Spritz





Apple Cider 

Apple Pie